Why become a franchisee

There lots of reasons why starting a Elite Property franchise is better than starting a business up on your own but here are some to start the ball rolling . . .


  • A franchisee is able to open a business, but avoid the costly start-up mistakes that a new business might make by drawing upon the experience of Elite Property.
  • A franchisee can tap into the ongoing research and development of the franchisor and the best practice of other Elite Property franchisees.
  • The ease of attracting new customers based on recommendations or previous good experiences that they have had with Elite Property.
  • By being part of a larger team with the same goals and objectives you can benefit from larger scale advertising and marketing.
  • You are using the Elite Property brand that has built up a positive image over many years. It would take you long time to build up the same level of reputation


We have been clients of Elite Property Management for more than 5 years and throughout that time have found them to be efficient and reliable in managing our property
J & C Nessworthy - Landlords